Saturday, October 2, 2010

Killing Loneliness

Have you ever felt lonely?
Even when people are around you do not feel their presence.
And you do feel that they also ignore your presence.
Whatever you do the people do not give a damn about it.
Whatever you say will disappear into thin air.
It is just like there are many dimensions in this world and yours is separated from everyone else.
You just feel that you do not belong in anywhere.

I quote from a friend of mine who used to say once,
"You can just ignore me. My presence won't bring any significance. My absence won't make any difference."

Sometimes I get those feelings.


  1. now2~ jgn bersedih...aku sntiasa ade...haha

    common!! aku xsabar da nih nk g karok!!!

    btw, xsangke lak ko ingat ayat aku tuh..haha

  2. haha aku igt nk g weekend ni dow tp rafi wat open house lak. apekate ko yg dtg cni..haha

  3. je abeskn duet r bro minggu nih..xbley r nk dtg..

    soh r rafi wat open house kat kl..senang sket aku nk g..haha

  4. wani: ntah la sayang...aku pon xtau knp..huhu

    moja: aik awal naa duit ko abes...ko mkn duit ke baka duit?

  5. scholar aku da kne hold lak da..sial pnye utp..sme cam kes kaber..cume aku naseb baek sket sbb esu kat bngunan sblh je..huu..
    wat mse nih aku masih berjuang utk mengekalkn taraf scholar aku..

  6. penah2.. cm slalu jerp rase. ahaha