Friday, August 20, 2010


Why bad things always happen to me?
My gf hates me. I kept on doing things that make her upset even if I didnt meant to.
I got summons for offense i didnt do.
Now I really think God hates me too. Thank God.


  1. huhuh.. she don't hates u, she just so upset for the things u have done. don't keep promising if u can't, try ur best to give the best, start doing things to improve urself. its not only for her, but for both of u, for the sake of ur future, and for anyone around..


    we are all women. we look things in different perspective, even it is broad for guys perspective, but not for us. even guys always said that we take things too serious even it is nothing, but for us it is almost everything. and that is why God creates us to be more sensitive than a guy does.

    try to understand her, as she tries to understand u.

    all the best kamal!

  2. betol ckp farhah..n try not be so ignorance on everything that she said to u. kdg2 nmpk mcm simple je yg die ckp kt ko tu, tp sbananye it really means a lot to her..

    cptlah bebaik semule.. jgn gado lama2, nnt pompoan mkn hati =)

  3. plz r jgn postpone kenduri nasi minyak. aku da la jd pengapit.

  4. aku sapot komen muja :P

    cheers wani/kamal. oloh oloh oloh jgn gaduh lama2 :)

  5. aku support comment farha!
    and bukan Allah benci kau kamal.
    cuma kdg2 manusia kn diuji..

  6. ptot laa kao miss pegi bazar pd hari jumaat tersebut wahaha...chill r, sekeras2 kerak nasik, kne air lmbut jugak...pndai2 ayat la derr

  7. aku juge sapot komen2 kat atas.. hahaha.. xpe weh.. die mst ade sebab nak marah ke ape.. :)

  8. d0n't ever think that GOD hate u.. it never be..